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M.K. Quarter Horses was started in 2004 with owner, Melissa Koser, holding the reins. She began her business with three horses in her barn and only one student. Now,years later her facility houses approximately 45 horses at any one time and she gives lessons to over 30 students in English, Western and RODEO events per week.Along with Melissa's ability to run a full service boarding and lesson facility she also provides training in all disciplines but specializes in starting horses under saddle, barrel racing and western pleasure.MKQH also provides the Equine Industry with the breeding of one AQHA stallion and one Thoroughbred stallion.AQHA stallion has excellent working and bloodlines that are hard to find in the Northeast.
Thoroughbred stallion stands for all english needs and those looking to breed for speed in the Appendix world or size and refinement in the Warmblood world

In 2005 MKQH started an adventure in coaching students in rodeo events which has paid off tremendously with having her students qualify for the State, National and World levels each year!

The Philosophy..


MKQH may be just a business to some but to Melissa it is her life and she loves every minute of it! Each individual client (human and horse alike) that comes into her life makes a some sort of "hoof" print on her heart that she cherishes with the utmost respect.

To be quite honest, MKQH is ONE BIG FAMILY!! On top of rodeos and shows, Melissa spends each day with at least a handful of students whether it be giving lessons or just hanging around the barn.

On top of being a great trainer/instructor Melissa makes sure that each and every student has a shoulder to lean on if needed. She also allows those who are lacking a horse to use her own personal horses whenever needed.Please feel free to explore this site to learn more about our equine facility and referral services. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to your calls and/or emails.

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